Many of the largest mining companies in the world have mineral rights in South Africa. There may be a sense that South Africa has uncertainty, or has a confusing regulatory regime, but the reality is that large Australian, Russian, European, African and Asian companies have set up operations in South Africa. With more than R1-trillion in unmined minerals still in the ground, many will complain, but few of them will leave. Propsecting Rights are the first step to get into the South African mining sector.

We are experts in prospecting rights in South Africa. if you want to query and application, submit an application, trade an application or compelte the support studies for your propsecting rights, then you want to call us. 

We are closely aligned to EcoPartners who has almost 30 years combined experience in applying for, securing, negotiating and keeping compliant Prospecting Rights for its clients and it can do the same for you. The company received so many queries and calls for assistance that we have set up this unit seperately.

If you have been offered a propsecting right for sale in South Africa, and you are worried you will be scammed, duped, done in somehow in what seems like an exciting venture, then calls us. We can advise you on how to do a proper check on what you are buying or investing in, or we can do it for you.